Earth’s Layers

A base where different layers with some tags in Braille to relate

Description of the model

This model represents the main layers of the Earth. They are scaled to be comfortable to touch. Labels in braille are made to associate with each layer. Each label and Earth layer is a different .stl file. There is also a base in which to place all the pieces.

The layers are:

  • continental crust 
  • oceanic crust
  • uppermost mantle
  • molten asthenosphere 
  • solid asthenosphere 
  • mantle transition 
  • lower mantle 
  • molten core 
  • solid core

This model was designed and tested as part of the 3D4VIP project.

Printing instructions and tips

Make sure the tags (files Earth_t_1 to Earth_t_9) are oriented upwards on the print bed so the Braille text is printed on a vertical plane as opposed to horizontally (i.e. the Braille faces the wall not the ceiling). None of the components require supports.



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  • Rotate with the left mouse button.
  • Zoom with the scroll button.
  • Adjust camera position with the right mouse button.
  • Double-click to enter the fullscreen mode.
  • On mobile devices swipe to rotate.
  • On mobile devices pinch two fingers together or apart to adjust zoom.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.

Additional Models

  • Earth_display.stl
  • Earth_1_SolidCore.stl
  • Earth_2_MoltenCore.stl
  • Earth_3_LowerMantle.stl
  • Earth_4MantleTransition.stl
  • Earth_5_SolidAsthenosphere.stl
  • Earth_6_MoltenAsthenosphere.stl
  • Earth_7_UpperMostMantle.stl
  • Earth_8_OceanicCrust.stl
  • Earth_9_ContinentalCrust.stl
  • Earth_t_1_SolidCore.stl
  • Earth_t_2_MoltenCore.stl
  • Earth_t_3_LowerMantle.stl
  • Earth_t_4_MantleTransition.stl
  • Earth_t_5_SolidAsthenosphere.stl
  • Earth_t_6_MoltenAsthenosphere.stl
  • Earth_t_7_UpperMostMantle.stl
  • Earth_t_8_OceanicCrust.stl
  • Earth_t_9_ContinentalCrust.stl