Description of the model

A common, almost always found representative in the domestic lakes, ponds and slow-flowing streams and rivers is spirogyra alga (also known as water silk, mermaid’s tresses or blanket weed). It belongs to the green algae (class: Chlorophyceae). It is easily recognised under the microscope by the fact that it has only one or two large coiled chloroplasts. The spirogyra is unflagellated and belongs to the simplest multicellular green algae.

The supporting cell, the helically arranged chloroplasts and the rod-like construction can be understood. It is useful to print several copies and glue them together.

This model was designed and tested as part of the 3D4VIP project.

Printing instructions and tips

3D printing of the half cylinder should be done on the cut edge. Support can be helpful if necessary, but is not mandatory. The helix must be printed standing on the half circle. Support cannot be dispensed with for the helix, a 100% fill is useful. Care should be taken when removing the support structure.



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Additional Models

  • Spirogyra_tube.stl
  • Spirogyra_helix.stl
  • Spirogyra_supporting_cell.stl