Covalent Bonding

Oxygen bonded to two hydrogens

Description of the model

This is a kit for modelling covalent bonding. Electrons are represented by spheres, in pairs. The nucleus is represented as a cylinder/circle in the middle of the model. The models can be attached like puzzle pieces, demonstrating the ‘sharing’ of electrons that occurs in a covalent bond. Add a braille and print label to the back to identify the element.

Recommend 6 x Hydrogens, 2 x Fluorines, 2 x Chlorines, 2 x Carbon and 1 x Oxygen to make a kit.

Does not demonstrate double bonds.

Printing instructions and tips

Layer height: 0.19

Infill: 10%

Support: Not needed

Material: PLA

The connections could be tight at first, try attaching and unattaching to smooth them out.



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Additional Models

  • Carbon-Covalent-bond.stl
  • Chlorine-Covalent-bond.stl
  • Fluorine-Covalent-bond.stl
  • Hydrogen-Covalent-bond.stl