Ionic Bonding

Three compounds are shown with pieces joined together; LIsub(2)O, NaCl and CaCOsub(3)

Description of the model

Use this kit to experiment with ionic compounds. The cations have ‘studs’ on the right hand side of the print. The anions have ‘holes’ on the back of the left hand side of the print. The number of studs/holes corresponds with the charge on the ion. Match up the correct number of each cation and anion so that all the studs have a matching hole. This helps students work out the ionic formula for the compound.

Recommend that a set contains 3 x Li, Na, NH4, F, Cl, Ca, Mg, S, O, CO3, SO4. 2 x Al, N

This is a remix of Snappable Ion Blocks for Teaching Chemistry

Printing instructions and tips

The base pieces and the braille labels are printed separately, then glued together. We’ve found a Multibond glue works best (it contains 30-60% Acetone and 30-60% Ethyl acetate, use in a well ventilated area).

Files have pieces in their correct orientation – braille should be printed on the vertical face.

Paint the print text using a contrasting colour.

Layer height: 0.19

Infill: 10%

Support materials as suggested by the slicer

Printing time: A Ca base piece takes about 30 mins



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Additional Models

  • Ca-braille.stl
  • Al.stl
  • Al-braille.stl
  • Cl.stl
  • Cl-braille.stl
  • CO3.stl
  • CO3-braille.stl
  • F.stl
  • F-braille.stl
  • Li.stl
  • Li-braille.stl
  • Mg.stl
  • Mg-braille.stl
  • N.stl
  • N-braille.stl
  • Na.stl
  • Na-braille.stl
  • NH4.stl
  • NH4-braille.stl
  • O.stl
  • O-braille.stl
  • S.stl
  • S-braille.stl
  • SO4.stl
  • SO4-braille.stl