Jumbo Braille cell blocks (1-5) including pins

Description of the model

With this set of blocks pupils can learn the positions of braille dots in a six dot braille cell. You can start with one cell and progress to dual letter words or more. You can also use it for numbers.

The foldable cell is to teach the relation between a braille cell and typing braille letters on a Perkins Brailler.

Printing instructions and tips

You can print the blocks at 0,2mm, none of the blocks need support, also the foldable block doesn’t need support. the pins you should print upside down, with the widest part on the build plate. make sure the pins fit in the holes to your liking. you can size the blocks easily in your slicer, adjusting with steps of 0,5% at a time.

You can print as many pins as you like, but the absolute maximum would be 6 pins for each cell, depending on how many cells you are planning to print.



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Additional Models

  • Double_Cell.stl
  • Pin.stl
  • Quadruple_Cell.stl
  • Quintuple_Cell.stl
  • Single_Cell.stl
  • Tripple_Cell.stl