Place Value Kit

The place value kit with the number 4507.809 represented.

Description of the model

This set is an extension of a set created by one of our parents. It provides opportunities for practice with place value, including three decimal places. The labels for each place are shortenings for space reasons: th = thousands, h = hundreds, t = tens, ones = ones, tth = tenths, hth = hundredths, thth = thousandths. These labels are stuck in to the base, along with the number sign and the decimal point.

The numbers for each place can be changed, and counters can be added to the pegs to match the number.

Numbers have a cut out top right-hand corner to aid orientation.

Print 1 x base, 7 x peg, 7 x each number tile, 1 x each label tile, 1 x decimal point, 1 x number sign and 63 x counters for a full kit.

Printing instructions and tips

Print braille on a vertical face.

Print pegs lying down to reduce likelihood of breakage.

Numbers 3 wouldn’t upload as an stl so it’s a 3mf.



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  • Rotate with the left mouse button.
  • Zoom with the scroll button.
  • Adjust camera position with the right mouse button.
  • Double-click to enter the fullscreen mode.
  • On mobile devices swipe to rotate.
  • On mobile devices pinch two fingers together or apart to adjust zoom.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.

Additional Models

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  • 8.stl
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  • Decimal-point.stl
  • Number-sign.stl
  • Donut-counter.stl
  • Peg.stl
  • thousands.stl
  • hundreds.stl
  • tens.stl
  • ones.stl
  • tenth.stl
  • hundredths.stl
  • thousandths.stl