10 Sided Dice 0-9 (8dot braille)

Description of the model

A 10-sided dice labelled with numbers from 0-9 in 8dot Braille.

The 10 sided dice is used, for example, when practising calculation skills in the lower classes. But there are also some board games, which require such a dice.

Printing instructions and tips

The dice is printed in one part. Infill is necessary for the dice. A value of round about 4-5% is sufficient, whereby more infill contributes to a more stable dice and better rolling behaviour. Support structure isn’t necessary.
At a layer height of 0.15mm, the dice looks very good and overhangs print well.

Print setting of the creator
Printed with Ender 3 S1-pro running klipper via Sonic Pad
Slicer: Cura 5.3.1

Layer height: 0.15mm
Walls: 2
Infill: 8%
Speed: 50mm
Build plate adhension: skirt
Material used: 68g
Duration: 1:22h



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