20 Sided Dice (8dot braille)

Dice and all tiles

Description of the model

A 20-sided dice labelled with numbers from 1-20 in Braille.
The numbers are printed separately on small plates and then glued to the dice itself with superglue.
The plates are labelled in 8 point Braille.
The 20 sided dice is used, for example, when practising calculation skills in the lower classes. But there are also some board games, which require such a dice.

Printed model of the author

photo of the 20 sided dice labeled with braille

Printing instructions and tips


The dice is printed in one part. Infill is necessary for the dice. A value of round about 4-5% is sufficient, whereby more infill contributes to a more stable dice and better rolling behaviour. Support structure isn’t necessary.
At a layer height of 0.15mm, the dice looks very good and overhangs print well.

Take care that the tiles don’t have an elephant foot.
You should print them upright (0.15mm layer height). Depending on the printer and levelling of the buildplate, you may need a brim.

Print setting of the creator
Printed with Ender 3 S1-pro running klipper via Sonic Pad
Slicer: Cura 5.1.0


  • Layer height: 0.15mm
  • Walls: 2
  • Infill: 5%
  • Speed: 50mm
  • Build plate adhension: brim
  • Material used: 28g
  • Duration: 3:47h



  • Layer height: 0.15mm
  • Walls: 2
  • Speed: 40mm
  • Build plate adhension: Skirt
  • Material used: 12g
  • Duration: 1:30h

plates printing orientation (upright)



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Additional Models

  • D20_tile20_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile19_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile18_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile17_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile16_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile15_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile14_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile13_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile12_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile11_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile10_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile9_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile8_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile7_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile6_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile5_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile4_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile3_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile2_8dot.stl
  • D20_tile1_8dot.stl
  • D20_all-tiles_8dot.stl