Dice with Letters M, L, F, N, S, P, T, H in braille

Description of the model

The dice is intended for
– letter games with the first graders
– Picking out the diced letter from the letter cards
– Rolling the dice and naming the corresponding words
– phonological awareness exercises etc.

The dice has 8 sides with the letter M, L, F, N, S, P, T, H

Printing instructions and tips

The dice is printed in two parts and then glued together with superglue. This way a better print quality can be achieved. Infill is not necessary for the dice. But I recommand a value of 4-5% for a better rolling behaviour.
It is sufficient to print the bottom with only 1-2 layers in order not to change the rolling behavior of the dice too much. Without a closed bottom layer, it is difficult to glue the two halves together.



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Additional Models

  • Dice-8_MLFNSPTH_8dot_2.stl
  • Dice-8_MLFNSPTH_8dot_1.stl