Dice with Letters M, L, F, N, S, P, T, H (normal font)

Description of the model

The dice is intended for
– letter games with the first graders
– Picking out the diced letter from the letter cards
– Rolling the dice and naming the corresponding words
– phonological awareness exercises etc.

The dice has 8 sides with the letters M, L, F, N, S, P, T, H

Printing instructions and tips


The dice is printed in two parts and then glued together with superglue. This way a better print quality can be achieved. Infill is not necessary for the dice. But I recommand a value of 4-5% for a better rolling behaviour.
It is sufficient to print the bottom with only 1-2 layers in order not to change the rolling behavior of the dice too much. Without a closed bottom layer, it is difficult to glue the two halves together.


The plates are arranged flat on the print bed and can all be printed simultaneously. To get the plates to be bicolor at the end, it requires a color change for printers with only one printhead. Instructions for Cura can be found in the Guidelines in Article 5.
If you print the first layer with 0.2mm and then each further layer with 0.1mm, you have to set the color change for layer number 10.

Take care that the prints do not have an elephant foot!



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Additional Models

  • H.stl
  • L.stl
  • M.stl
  • N.stl
  • P.stl
  • S.stl
  • T.stl
  • F.stl
  • Dice-8-V2-half-1.stl
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