3.1 Braille in Fusion 360

Table of Contents

1. Create the body on which you want to.

cuboid in the middle of the working area

2. Select the surface on which you want to put braille and create a sketch on it.

scratch with the square side of the cube

3. Press “t” for the text tool and then write your text in the text field.

added textfield with

4. Adjust the height to 8.3mm and the font to an 8-dot font (). Then select OK and mark the sketch as finished.

finish scratch window

5. Extrude the selected text, entering a distance of 0.7 (or 0.6) mm.

Extrusion dialogue while dots are selected

6. Round the edges with the Fillet tool by selecting the top circle of each braille dot and set the size to 0.41.

Fillet tool dialogue

0,41 mm setting


end product