6.5 Acoustic enhancement with bells or other sound balls in the interior

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To make objects that may need to be rolled or otherwise moved, easier for non-sighted and visually impaired students to find and follow, additional devices can be added to models that are hollow or have only a small amount of filling.

Ideally, this should happen during printing with an interruption planned directly in the slicer at a certain height.

This can be implemented very easily in Cura using the Post Processing extension. You can find and install this extension via the Marketplace, which is in the upper righthand corner of Cura.

Window of the Cura Marketplace. Extension Post Processing selected.

You can open it via the menu Extensions – Post Processing. Then add a new script using the “Add Script” button.

Window of Post Processing Plugin, Add a script button selected

One option is to use the Pause at height script.

Alternatively you can select a height in centimetres or a certain layer where the printer should pause. To get a good fit to the model you can also adjust the positions of Park Print Head x/y as required.

In the bottom righthand corner, the small symbol in Cura will show you that an additional script is being applied.

During the pause, you can add small bells, metal balls or simply peppercorns. Then let the printer continue printing.

That’s it!