20 Sided Dice (normal font)

Dice 20

Description of the model

A 20-sided dice labelled with numbers from 1-20 in normal font.
The numbers are printed separately on small plates (bicolor print with filament change recommended) and then glued to the dice itself with superglue.

If coloured filament with a good contrast is chosen, then visually impaired students can read the numbers well.

Printed model of the designer

20 sided dice

This model was designed and tested as part of the 3D4VIP project.

Printing instructions and tips

The dice is printed in one part. Infill is necessary for the dice. A value of round about 4-5% is sufficient, whereby more infill contributes to a more stable dice and better rolling behaviour. Support structure isn’t necessary.
At a layer height of 0.15mm, the dice looks very good and overhangs print well.

  • Layer height: 0.15mm
  • Walls: 2
  • Infill: 5%
  • Speed: 50mm
  • Build plate adhension: brim
  • Material used: 28g
  • Duration: 3:47h

The plates are arranged flat on the print bed and can all be printed simultaneously. To get the plates to be bicolor at the end, it requires a colour change for printers with only one printhead. Instructions for Cura can be found in the Guidelines in Article 5.
If you print the first layer with 0.3mm and then each further layer with 0.1mm, you have to set the colour change for layer number 14.

Take care that the prints do not have an elephant foot!

Photo of the test print before filemant change



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  • On mobile devices swipe to rotate.
  • On mobile devices pinch two fingers together or apart to adjust zoom.
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Additional Models

  • Dice_20.stl
  • D20_tile1_normal.stl
  • D20_tile2_normal.stl
  • D20_tile3_normal.stl
  • D20_tile4_normal.stl
  • D20_tile5_normal.stl
  • D20_tile6_normal.stl
  • D20_tile7_normal.stl
  • D20_tile8_normal.stl
  • D20_tile9_normal.stl
  • D20_tile10_normal.stl
  • D20_tile11_normal.stl
  • D20_tile12_normal.stl
  • D20_tile13_normal.stl
  • D20_tile14_normal.stl
  • D20_tile15_normal.stl
  • D20_tile16_normal.stl
  • D20_tile17_normal.stl
  • D20_tile18_normal.stl
  • D20_tile19_normal.stl
  • D20_tile20_normal.stl
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