4 Sided Dice (two-coloured)

Description of the model

A dice 4 with an interesting concept. The cube rolls badly on a hard surface. You should put a piece of cloth, felt or similar underneath, then the dice is very good to use.

The dice and the plates are printed separately and then glued together with a drop of super glue.

Printing instructions and tips

The dice must be printed with about 5% filling. More filling makes the dice heavier, which makes it roll even better.

Ideally you change the filament after 0.4mm for a better contrast (I print the first layer with 0.3mm and then with 0.1mm -> so change after layer 2). This technique is described here (headline “Multicolour printing by changing the filament”).

You have to rotate the dice and the labels in the slicer a little bit. Then click “lay flat”.



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  • Rotate with the left mouse button.
  • Zoom with the scroll button.
  • Adjust camera position with the right mouse button.
  • Double-click to enter the fullscreen mode.
  • On mobile devices swipe to rotate.
  • On mobile devices pinch two fingers together or apart to adjust zoom.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.

Additional Models

  • Dice-4-body.stl
  • Dice-4_3.stl
  • Dice-4_4.stl
  • Dice-4_1.stl
  • Dice-4_2.stl
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